Returning books at the branch libraries

Adam Smith Library Book Return

Adam Smith library

If you are a frequent user of the main University Library at the Gilmorehill Campus, you’ll know that the self-service machines enable you to borrow and return your books by following the instructions on the screens. At the branch libraries, however, the self-check machines are designed for borrowing only.

When returning books to the Adam Smith Library, the Chemistry Branch Library, the James Herriot Library (Vet) or the James Ireland Memorial Library (Dental), please return your books to the enquiries desk at each branch during staffed hours, or put your books into the book return box if the desk is unstaffed.

Don’t worry that books will be damaged in the book return box, as long as they are placed with a reasonable amount of care into the book return, there is padding to ensure that the books are protected.


Information about book return boxes

The book return boxes are emptied regularly during staffed hours and any books returned at evenings and weekends when the library is unstaffed are backdated so that no fines will accrue during those times.


James Herriot Library Book Return

James Herriot library





Adam Smith Library
The book return box is located just inside the doors on the right hand side.

Chemistry Branch Library
The book return box is located to the right of the office door.

James Herriot Library
The book return box is located just beyond the enquiries desk on the left hand side.

James Ireland Memorial Library
The book return box is located outside the entrance to the library on the left hand side.


If you have any queries or comments about this or any aspect of the branch libraries, please contact the College Library Support Team: or the branch libraries directly: Adam Smith Library, Chemistry Branch Library, James Herriot Library (Vet), James Ireland Memorial Library (Dental) .

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