Library refurbishment update: Artists impressions of new Levels 1 and 2

The project to refurbish Levels 1 and 2 of the University Library is progressing well with work expected to complete during Summer 2016.   Below are some artist’s impressions of the new floors – the layout is accurate but note that decor, furniture and details may differ in the finished space.

Level 2 


Artist’s impression of refurbished entrance to Library  – Level 2

The image above shows the new entrance on Level 2 with a fully accessible revolving door, brand new and improved WC facilities, reception desk and, just out of view in this image, a new digital exhibition space featuring highlights from our rare and unique collections.  This area will also be home to express PC and printing facilities.

Just beyond the reception desk are new, faster, turnstiles for secure entrance and exit to the Library.


Artist’s impression of refurbished agile study space on Level 2

Through the secure turnstile entrance is an expansive group study area with in excess of 100 study spaces, featuring agile furniture which students can move and configure to suit their needs.  The area offers pop-up space for events, and teaching, as well as enhanced access to lifts and a new staircase and light-well leading down to a fabulous new study floor on Level 1.

Library staff will be available on Level 2. You’ll also see us out and about helping wherever we’re needed.

A new and improved self-service area will enhance this floor and high speed wi-fi and abundant power sockets will support the use of laptops and mobile devices throughout all refurbished areas.

Level 1



Artist’s impressions of Level 1 study floor

These images represent, from two different angles, the newly created Level 1 study floor boasting in excess of 155 additional study spaces with a cosy ‘traditional library’ feel. Notice the new stair case and light-well to Level 2.  This area will also be accessible via the Library lifts.

Quite a change from this old storage area..

Level 1 photoscollage

Level 1 basement storage area prior to refurbishment

We hope this gives you a flavour of what you can look forward to in your newly refurbished space.  Keep an eye on our blog and follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram for further refurbishment updates and more Library news.




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