Library Refurbishment Update


Latest images from Levels 1 & 2 refurbishment project

You can see from the images above that work is progressing on our exciting Levels 1 and 2 refurbishment project.

Work is now in full flow with a vastly increased number of tradesmen on site. The loud drilling noise is caused as walls and floors are prepared for new services including lighting, heating, wifi provision, increased electrical points and better air conditioning. You may notice some dust drifting up to Level three through the stairwells and lift shafts – the contractor is aware of this and is endeavouring to minimise it as much as possible.

We know the drilling noise can be pretty loud and unpleasant and we’re very sorry for this inconvenience.  We’ve got some earplugs to give away at our Welcome Desk so please pick up at set if the noise is getting to you!


Keep checking this blog, and our facebook, twitter and instagram, for progress, images and further information on the refurbishment.

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