Newly published Official Publications 11.01.16

Newly published Official Publications from;

The European Union

TechnologyThe European Parliament’s Think Tank have published a briefing 5G network technology: putting Europe at the leading edge, which considers how 5G will be applied, the technical requirements, application scenarios and research support.

The Think Tank’s in-depth analysis into Africa’s economic growth: taking off or slowing down? looks at the economy of the countries of Africa, both the periods of increased and slower growth and the benefits to the economy.

Automated vehicles in the EU contains information on the emerging technologies in the field of automated vehicles, from driver assist technology, to fully autonomous vehicles that can function entirely without human intervention. The potential legislative requirements for this technology are also considered.

Westminster and the UK Government

healthcareThe Science and Technology Select Committee is asking for experts and members of the public to help shape Government science policy by scrutinising four evidence papers on; “innovation in (and accelerated access to) healthcare, Smart meters, Digital Government, and Flexible working and facilitating working away from the office.” The deadline is midday on the 29th January 2016.

The House of Commons Library have published a research briefing on Public Sector employment by parliamentary constituency for the years up to 2015.

The revising of Scotland’s Fiscal Framework is the topic of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee’s first evidence session of the year, to be held on Wednesday the 13th of January.

The Scottish Parliament and Government

moneyThe Commission on Local Tax Reform have published their report Just Change: A New Approach to Local Taxation, which looks at various  alternatives to the Council Tax system for Scotland. The Commission was made up of cross-party members.

A research report was commissioned by the Scottish Government into Children’s development at the start of school in Scotland and the progress made during their first school year. The report uses the Performance Indicators in Primary Schools (PIPS) On-entry Baseline and Follow-up Assessment at the start and end of the first primary school year.

The Scottish Government is holding a consultation on the Scottish Law Commission’s Report on Adults with Incapacity. The government is looking to receive views on the implementation of the draft bill within the report with regard to current legislation, and an overall review of current legislation. The consultation deadline is the 31st of March 2016.

Office for National Statistics

fresh fruitsFamily Food 2014 was published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, detailing statistics on household purchases of food and drink.

With flooding in the news over the winter, there are a number of statistical resources available on this topic;

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has recently updated the funding information for flood and coastal erosion risk management in England.

The Scottish Government have published a research page related to flooding and flood management.

Finally, Eurostat’s website Water Statistics covers data related to water as a resource, water uses, wastewater, floods, droughts and other challenges.

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