Newly published Official Publications 14.12.15

Newly published Official Publications from;

The European Union

Climate ChangeThe US humanitarian response to the Syrian refugee crisis is discussed in a European Parliament Think Tank briefing, which provides background information, statistics and details of the assistance provided to refugees by the US.

The European Environment Agency’s report National Monitoring, reporting and evaluation of climate change adaption in Europe brings together the policies, approaches and knowledge of the European Union Member States into a consolidated report. The aim is to inform member states and therefore assist policymakers throughout the EU in addressing the issues of climate change.

Poverty Dynamics in Europe: From what to why – working paper 03/2015 published by the European Commission looks at poverty in Europe. The publication uses existing poverty research and literature, empirical evidence, and longitudinal analysis to provide the basis for policy decisions and planning for future poverty research and data collection.

Westminster and the UK Government

TechnologyThe Health Select Committee has published HC Paper 465 Childhood Obesity – brave and bold action (PDF link) which recommends a range of policies to address childhood obesity. The report highlights issues such as the advertising of unhealthy food and drink, portion control, education, and labelling.

Transgender Prisoners have recently been reported in the media with regard to which prison they should be held. The House of Commons Library have published a report clarifying the relevant legislation, the policy guidelines for each country of the United Kingdom, and statistics on the number of transgender people in prison.

The Science and Technology Select Committee’s inquiry into the technology issues surrounding the Investigatory Powers Bill continues with further evidence being taken on the 8th of December. The Investigatory Powers Bills raises the issues of privacy, proportionality and data security as it seeks to provide the police and security and intelligence agencies with greater powers to use communications for tackling crimes such as child abuse, trafficking and terrorism.

In higher education, the Science and Technology Committee is holding an evidence session on Tuesday the 15th of December to examine the Nurse Review on Research Councils. They will consider research councils and their role, the funding of science, and the connection between science and innovation.

Also in higher education, the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee are holding an inquiry on assessing quality in Higher Education which investigates changes to quality assessment and a Teaching Excellence Framework. The latest evidence was published on the 10th of December.

The Scottish Parliament and Government

JusticeThe Justice Committee has made a call for evidence on the Criminal Verdicts (Scotland) Bill. The bill considers removing the ‘not proven’ verdict in criminal proceedings, and an increased majority of jurors to return a guilty verdict. Submissions are requested by the 5th of January 2016.

Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland 2015 has data covering the census of pupils and teachers, learning learning and childcare provision, attendance, absence and exclusions, and school estate survey data.

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has published a research briefing on the Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc. (Scotland) Bill. The bill seeks to change the law relating for Fatal Accident Inquiries.

Office for National Statistics

fresh fruitsA new, annual publication Scottish Surveys Core Questions 2013 contains statistical information on Scotland’s population such as, household composition, employment, health, crime, equality, religion, education, and car access.

The 2015 Family Spending report was released last week from the Living Costs and Food Survey. It details all household spending, for example food, transport, utilities, entertainment, and determines trends over time.

Social Protection – European Comparisons of Expenditure, 2007 to 2013 looks at the various benefits available to households, comparing the data on benefits for all EU Member States and Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Serbia.

If you’d like to know more about official publications just get in touch with us at the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on Level 7 of the library. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and can be contacted on 0141 330 6740 or

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