Dissertations at the Adam Smith Library

Students often ask us about the Economics and Sociology dissertations that we hold at the Adam Smith Library, so here’s a brief overview to help you find what you’re looking for.


Adam Smith Library DissertationsWhere can I find dissertations in the Adam Smith Library?

The dissertations are located at the far corner of the library, to the right of the student PC cluster. They are split into two sections: Sociology dissertations that can be borrowed and Economics dissertations that are for reference only.

The majority of the dissertations held at the Adam Smith Library are from 2010 onwards and each has a shelf mark so that they can be easily located. The Sociology dissertations are shelved by year and the Economics dissertations are shelved in pamphlet boxes alphabetically by degree. Please ensure that you return dissertations to their proper location when you have finished reading them.

The dissertations can help to give you an idea of the style, structure and format of different types of dissertations e.g. literature reviews, case studies etc., so you won’t always need to find an exact match to your topic.


How do I use the search services to find dissertations at the Adam Smith Library?

You can search for dissertations at the Adam Smith Library by choosing ‘more search options’ from the main search facility on the library homepage and then selecting Call Number: Dissertation, Show Content Type: Dissertation, and Show Only: Items in the Library Catalogue.

Your search should then look like this:

Adam Smith Library Dissertations
If you would like to find a dissertation that contains a particular word or phrase, select ‘Subject Terms’ from an additional ‘All Fields’ drop down menu and add in your search term, e.g. ‘management’. Once you have found a dissertation you are interested in, make a note of the shelf mark e.g. Economics Dissertation 2011/12-10, so that you can locate it on the shelf. Please note that the Adam Smith Library does not hold all the Economics and Sociology dissertations produced, so ask for advice within your department if you are looking for a particular subject within the dissertation titles but can’t find a suitable match.

Library staff at the enquiries desk will always be happy to help with any further questions you may have about the dissertations held at the Adam Smith Library, so please don’t hesitate to ask us in person, by phone on 0141 330 5648, or by email: adamsmith@lib.gla.ac.uk

Wards Library (Accounting & Finance Only)

Accounting and Finance dissertations (MAcc, MFin and MSc) are held at the Wards Library, located in the West Quadrangle of the Gilbert Scott Building. Access is restricted to 3rd & 4th year Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD students in Accounting and Finance, so please contact Wards Librarian Kirsty Husband (tel: 0141 330 6314 or email: Kirsty.Husband@glasgow.ac.uk) for further information.

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