Newly published Official Publications 19.10.15

Newly published Official Publications from;

The European Union

European Parliament © European Union 2015

European Parliament © European Union 2015

The 2014 annual Report on equality between women and men has just been published, detailing the work, statistics, and legislation related to gender equality in the EU and its member states. Previous reports are available online or in paper.

The European Union’s official statistical provider Eurostat has produced the 2014 annual issue of Quality Report of the European Union Labour Force Survey which explains the survey, how to assess the statistics and its quality indicators. Previous reports are available online.

The Joint Research Centre has produced a technical report: The digital agenda of virtual currencies: Can bitcoin become a global currency? which explains Bitcoin, analyses it as a currency in comparison with traditional currencies, and considers its potential as a global currency.

The European Parliament’s Think Tank has published a range of useful EU Fact Sheets that explain the background and function of the topics listed below.

Westminster and the UK Government

Steel IndustryWith the UK’s steel industry currently facing significant challenges, the House of Commons Library has produced a research briefing : UK Steel industry: statistics and policy containing statistics, comparisons with the global market and future prospects for the industry.

The House of Commons Library’s research briefing Cancer Statistics: In detail provides data on the incidence, mortality, survival and screening of cancer in the UK.

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has published a report on Forensic Language Analysis, which analyses writing and speech to determine information about an individual. This type of analysis is used by the police, security forces and Home Office for immigration processes, and for biometric research.

The Scottish Parliament and Government

fresh fruitsThe 2014 Scottish Health Survey 2014 provides information on the health of Scotland. It is useful for policy planning, highlighting health issues amongst various groups and studying how health has changed over time. The Scottish Government have also produced a page containing previous reports from 1995 onwards, and a bibliography of publications that have used Scottish Health Survey data.

The Scottish National Research Framework for Problem Drug Use and Recovery is a Scottish Government research framework document which considers the most important research priorities in this field.

The Annual Report on the Child Poverty Strategy has been published by the Scottish Government. The Child Poverty Strategy must be reviewed and revised every three years, and reported on annually under the Child Poverty Act 2010. A House of Commons Library short guide on the Child Poverty Act 2010 was published in 2014.

Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published two statistical bulletins on working and workless households in the UK;

ONS release E-commerce and internet use, what defines the digital sector? contains information on the digital sector in the UK; its effect on the economy, employment,  and research and development. Other releases in the same series.

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