A fresh series of Talks, open to all, and hosted by The Friends of Glasgow University Library, commences on Tuesday 13th October at 7pm in the Talk Lab, Level 3 of the Library, when Susan Ashworth newly promoted to University Librarian and Director Library Services is the guest speaker.

With levels 2 and 1 (the basement) currently being totally redesigned and rebuilt to meet modern demands and ways of Advancing Knowledge, Hillhead Street now, after a decade of major re-engineering outside and in, has effectively a New Library compared to the brave Library building pioneered in the 1960s by the then Librarian R. O. Mackenna.

Susan will give an overview of the wide range of activities that Library staff undertake to support Research and Learning, and Teaching, in the University and how these are evolving. She will also talk about how space is being developed in the Library into the future, with an eye also upon the Western expansion of the University which has already started.

There will be time for questions and discussion, followed by refreshments.

Other speakers in future Talks include Professor Jeremy Smith on Tuesday 24th November, Professor Gerry Carruthers, with soprano Alison McNeill , on Tuesday 9th February 2016, and Dick Peebles on Tuesday 15th March. More information about these and about the Friends can be found here

(The society`s AGM is at 6.30pm, before Susan`s Talk, and finishes before 7pm.)

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