We are delighted to announce that the Library has been able to purchase perpetual access to Cambridge Histories Online. This important historical reference compendium gives full online access to more than 300 texts in the ‘Cambridge Histories Series’ which have been published by Cambridge University Press between 1960 and 2014.

Cambridge Histories Online provides an authoritative and up-to-date reference library giving context for historical research in around fifteen academic disciplines with the easy e-access enhancing usability and functionality. Users can Search and browse content, save searches, and personalize access using work spaces and bookmarks.

You will find a full listing of the available online ‘Cambridge Histories’ arranged by academic discipline here.

This new database can be accessed from the Database link on the Library Home Page. It is available to all Students and staff on and off campus using your GUID.

We hope you find this new service useful.


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  1. Unfortunately I know only too well that will not include Life Members. It cost me £4.55 per month to borrow and keep for an extended period, The Cambridge History of Science (VolII) on InterLibrary Loan from the British Library. Eventually thought of buying (!) but body-swerved an online source quoting (I think?) £300. Now returned the book, but somehow I still feel that I have funded the British Library several times over! Okay, i’m just a grumpy old man – Life Membership is a wonderful privilege ….. …. but still!

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