Stoddard Templeton Design Archive, now online!

Here at Archive Services we hold some fantastic textile collections, including the Stoddard Templeton Design Archive, which dates back to the 1840s. Scottish carpet manufacturers A F Stoddard & Co Ltd, and James Templeton & Co Ltd, enjoyed a global market, producing carpets for homes, cruise liners, and even government and Royal properties. Over the years they have employed many notable designers, including Charles Voysey and Mary Quant.

The Design Archive is vast, consisting of both patterns (technical designs on graph paper, used to create the carpets) and sketches (the original drawings which inspired the patterns), and was brought together by Stoddard International plc. The designs were originally stored in 142 large drawers, with each drawer assigned a particular theme or style by the design team.

In order to make these beautiful designs more widely accessible, we have created online books containing approximately two images from each themed drawer in the collection. This resource may be used to browse the designs which we hold, for both general interest or research purposes. It will act as a visual point of reference for identifying designs which you may wish to study in person in our searchroom. To view these books please visit our ISSUU page.

STOD-DES blog imageTo read more about the history of Stoddard International plc and its subsidiary companies you can view the online catalogue here.

For a comprehensive list of our textile industry collections, have a look at our source guide.

You may make an appointment to view the designs by emailing the Duty archivist:

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