Library development update

Levels 1 (top) & 2 (bottom)

Levels 1 (top) & 2 (bottom)

There’s been a lot of action, in the Library, since our last update on the redevelopment work:

learing & demolition work

As you can see from the images, Levels 1 & 2 are currently being stripped, ready for building work to begin.  Level 1 will become a large, quiet study space and Level 2 will form part of a new active learning zone.

Lift replacement project

We’re delighted to report that work to replace the central lifts is currently ahead of schedule.  There has been some sporadic noise from the lift refurbishment but we’ve managed to keep this to a minimum by scheduling most of the work to take place during the night.  All being well we hope to have lifts back in action in August – just in time for Semester 1.


We’re working on improving signage to the temporary entrance/exit, and have ordered some large banners to help people find their way in and out.

Follow us for updates 

We can’t wait to see how these spaces transform over the coming months look forward to sharing updates with you, along the way.  Follow us on facebook & twitter and check our refurbishment web pages for the latest Library Redevelopment updates and images.

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