Graduation 2015/1915: Medicine

1910-1915 Final Year Dinner Book

1910-1915 Final Year Dinner Book (DC225/1/13)

Today our new medics swap their white coats for graduation gowns as they receive their degree of MBChB. Here at Archive Services, we’ve been looking into the lives of some of the medical class of 1915.

One hundred years ago, 97 students graduated with a medical degree in 1915 and 12 post-graduates received an MD.

One of our 1915 medical graduates was Helen Isobel Winifred Kerr. She was born at Kingston, Jamaica, daughter of John Wishart Kerr, a medical practitioner. Kerr enrolled at the University in 1910 to study Medicine. Upon graduation in 1915, she worked in the Ophthalmic department of Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

During the First World War, in 1916, Kerr served in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was stationed in France and Malta as part of the Women’s Medical Unit (RAMC).

After the war, Helen returned to Glasgow for further medical training, and went on to work as a medical officer at East Suffolk County Council, and in Colchester.

Francisco Ribeiro. From the 1915 Final Year Medical Dinner Book (DC225/1/13)

Francisco Ribeiro. From the 1915 Final Year Medical Dinner Book (DC225/1/13)

Another 1915 MBChB graduate was Francisco Ribeiro. He was born in 1886, in Accra, then British West Africa and now modern day Ghana. He was the son of Jose Francisco, a supervisor of Her Majesty’s Customs on the Gold Coast.

Ribeiro enrolled at the University in 1910, aged 24, to study Medicine. At the end of his degree, he attended the customary Final Year Dinner. Dinner books were produced for the occasion, with pictures of the graduating class and their chosen quotations. Ribeiro chose the famous line from Burns’ ‘Address to the Haggis’ to represent him: “Great chieftain of the puddin’ race.”

Although he graduated in 1915, Ribeiro continued with his studies at the University until 1921.

He was an active member of the African Races Association (ARA), the Glasgow branch being made up predominantly of university students.

If you would like to find out more about our 1915 grads stay tuned for more blog posts throughout the graduation period, or visit our University Story page.

Congratulations to everyone graduating today!

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