Graduation 2015/1915: Engineering

Today we are celebrating graduations from the School of Engineering by discussing some University of Glasgow engineers from 100 years ago.


Eliza Vonck, matriculation slip, 1910-11


The Engineering course at Glasgow has historically attracted international students from all around the globe, and the class of 1915 was no exception. Eliza Vonck was the first Dutch-Indonesian graduate of the University, graduating BSc (Eng.) in 1915. He was born in Djombang, Java in April 1890, although he listed his hometown as Hilversum, Netherlands in his matriculation record. Over the course of his degree, Eliza took classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Physical Laboratory, Chemistry, Engineering (drawing and laboratory) and Electrical Engineering. Following graduation, he worked as an Engineer in Hilversum.

Y. Katsura

Yoshinoba Katsura

Another overseas Engineering graduate was Yoshinoba Katsura, born in Osaka, Japan, son of Koki, a professor. At the time of matriculation Yoshinoba was exempt from preliminary examinations due to his position as a naval cadet of the Engineering Department of the Imperial Japanese Naval College. Over the course of his degree he took classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Physicial Laboratory, Chemistry, Engineering (laboratory and drawing) and Naval Architecture. Following graduation, Katsura returned to Japan as a Naval Officer.



Valentine Martin, matriculation slip, 1912-13

Valentine Martin was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1912 Valentine followed in his father Julio’s footsteps and began his Engineering studies. Over the course of his degree, Valentine took classes in Physical Laboratory, Natural Philosophy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering (laboratory and drawing), and Electrical Engineering. Valentine was a gifted student; he received a First Class Certificate for Natural Philosophy, the Walker Prize for Engineering and the Muir Bursary. Following graduation, Valentine was employed as an Engineer in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

If you would like to find out more about our 1915 grads stay tuned for more blog posts throughout the graduation period, or visit our University Story page.

Congratulations to all those graduating today! We wish this years’ Engineering graduates the same success as their 1915 counterparts.

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