Graduation 2015/1915: Bachelors of Science

Today we congratulate all our graduands about to receive the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc). To celebrate, we wanted to highlight some scientists who graduated 100 years ago: class of 2015, here are some of your counterparts!

Tsoo Hong Lee

Tsoo Hong Lee (photo from the family)

In 1915, eighty-two students graduated BSc. One of those was Tsoo Hong Lee.

Tsoo Hong Lee (modern day spelling, Li Yishi) graduated BSc from the University of Glasgow on 21 June 1915. He was born in Soochow (Suzhou), son of Pon, a retired civil servant.

Lee first matriculated in 1910-11, aged 24, joining the Faculty of Science. During his four years he signed up for classes and advanced classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy (Physics), Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Lee was also a student at the Glasgow School of Art from 1907-1912, and became the first Chinese student in the UK to graduate in the Fine Arts.


Marian MacDougall (photo from Hillhead High School)

Lee used his studies in Art and Engineering from Glasgow throughout his career as a lecturer of Engineering at the Beijing School of Engineering, and Professor and Director of the Oil Painting Department at Beijing Art School where he pioneered the study and practice of Western Art in China.

Marian MacDougall was another 1915 BSc graduate. She was born in Glasgow on 23 June 1892, daughter of Alexander MacDougall, an accountant for the Clyde Trust. She lived within a stone’s throw of the University, residing at 19 Roxburgh Street in the heart of Hillhead. For the Summer Session of 1911, Marian won a Second Class Certificate for her study of Systematic Chemistry.

Marian went on to complete her MA the following year, and, come the outbreak of the Second World War, was an aspiring teacher. During the war she served with the Civil Defence Wardens’ Service.

If you would like to find out more about our 1915 grads stay tuned for more blog posts throughout the graduation period, or visit our University Story page.

Congratulations to everybody graduating today!

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