Graduation 2015/1915: Law and Business

Today the University celebrates graduations from the Schools of Law and Business. Here are some of our lawyers and business-people from one hundred years ago!


James Ewart Kennedy Cook, matriculation slip, 1912-13

James Ewart Kennedy Cook, born in Kilmarnock in April 1889, graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Glasgow in 1915. Studying in Glasgow from 1912 to 1915, James took classes in Civil Law, Law of Scotland, International Private Law, Forensic Medicine, Conveyancing and Evidence and Procedure. His academic career was prosperous, with James winning multiple prizes; these included First Class Certificates in Evidence and Procedure and Forensic Medicine, Honours in Scots Law, and a Distinction in Conveyancing. Following graduation, James went on to work as a Law Clerk and later a Solicitor in his hometown of Kilmarnock.


Archibald Macdonald, matriculation slip, 1913-14

Another 1915 BL graduate was Archibald Macdonald, a native of Glasgow. Born in September 1885, Archibald went on to study at the University of Glasgow from 1912 until 1915. By the time of his graduation he had completed classes in Logic and Psychology, Latin, English, Civil Law, Law of Scotland, Conveyancing and Public International Law. Over the course of his degree Archibald received a First Class Certificate in Public International Law, a Distinction in Conveyancing, and a Prize for Scots Law. After graduation, Archibald also worked as a Law Clerk, based in Glencoe, Lanarkshire.


Caroline Fraser Gibb, matriculation slip, 1914-15

Whilst the University did not offer any formal qualification in Business until 1976, many of its earlier students went on to lead prosperous careers within the field. In the midst of the First World War, setting up business was not a priority for most graduates; numbers of Glasgow graduates entering directly into business after University were relatively low at this time. Caroline Fraser Gibb, born September 1893 in Roxburghshire, graduated MA in 1915; her occupation is listed as “Business” by 1918, at which point she is resident in Springburn, Glasgow. Caroline won a Prize for Political Economy in session 1914-15. By 1925, Walter Fair Field and William Fleming – both 1915 MA graduates – were employed as the Director of a London-based company and an Assistant with the Burmah Oil Company respectively.

If you would like to find out more about our 1915 grads stay tuned for more blog posts throughout the graduation period, or visit our University Story page.

Congratulations to everybody graduating today!

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