Monthly Collections Blog Post: Additions to the A.A. Bowman Collection


Archibald Allan Bowman

Our collection of material relating to Professor Archibald Allan Bowman (DC77) contains records of his academic career, family papers, personal papers – including those dating from his service in the First World War – and photographs. We recently acquired a set of additions to this collection, comprising of family and personal papers, most notably the notes for an unpublished biography of A.A. Bowman written by his son, Archibald Ian Bowman.

A.A. Bowman and his family had close ties to the University of Glasgow. He graduated MA in 1905 and went on to teach Logic at Queen Margaret College, before holding the Chairs of Professor of Logic and Rhetoric and Professor of Moral Philosophy. His sons, A.I. Bowman and Alistair Allan Bowman followed in their father’s footsteps, also studying Arts at the University. One piece of correspondence in our collection relates how A.A. Bowman taught A.I. Bowman at the University and was impressed with his son’s aptitude for Moral Philosophy.

The very personal nature of the records within this accession adds a new 0676_001
dimension to our Bowman collection. The anecdotal information collected from numerous sources who knew A.A. Bowman personally, family photographs from their time in India, and especially some poems quickly drafted on pieces of scrap paper by A.A. Bowman all add to this sense of closeness to the  record creator.

Personally I am most intrigued by the literary drafts. Within one envelope labelled ‘rough drafts for stories’, there is a sheet of paper listing Scots
vocabulary, written in A.A. Bowman’s signature scrawl. This record sits among numerous drafted poems and short stories. These handwritten drafts give a real insight into Bowman’s literary work; through viewing his initial annotated notes one can gain an idea of the process of his work, rather than just the end product.

0676_002To find out more about A.A. Bowman, you can view his University Story and World War One Roll of Honour profiles, or go to the Archives Hub entry for the collection.

If you are interested in viewing the records yourself, please contact us at to make an appointment.


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  1. Children’s Correspondence – University of Glasgow Library
  2. Archibald A Bowman as Officer-Prisoner-of-War, 1918 by Laura Gould – University of Glasgow Library

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