New books in the Library – Weeks beg 18th – 29th May 2015

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Weeks beg 11th May  2015. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: Copy of New_Books_180515  [xls]

Policy Press, 2015. Anthrop F1106 HUS
Computational inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry / editors, Edward I. Solomon, Robert A. Scott, R. Bruce King John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2009 Biochem qGV8 2009-S
Making Marie Curie : intellectual property and celebrity culture in an age of information / Eva Hemmungs Wirtén The University of Chicago Press, [2015] Chemistry C020.C8 2015-H
The sublime Seneca : ethics, literature, metaphysics / by Erik Gunderson Cambridge University Press, 2015. Classics NS171 7/GUN
Strained relations : US foreign-exchange operations and monetary policy in the twentieth century / Michael D. Bordo, Owen F. Humpage, and Anna J. Schwartz University of Chicago Press, [2015] Economics V203 BOR
A carbon primer for the built environment / Simon Foxell Routledge, 2014. Engineering P100 2014-F
Discovering the deep : a photographic atlas of the seafloor and ocean crust / Jeffrey A. Karson, Deborah S. Kelley, Daniel J. Fornari, Michael R. Perfit, Timothy M. Shank Cambridge University Press, 2015. Geology qQM3 2015-K
Arguments that count : physics, computing, and missile defense, 1949-2012 / Rebecca Slayton The MIT Press, [2013] History TL160 SLA
The Rome I regulation on the law applicable to contractual obligations / Michael McParland Oxford University Press, 2015. Law MG20:C20 MACPA
Lecture notes on regularity theory for the Navier-Stokes equations / Gregory Seregin World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd., [2015] Mathematics 3579 2015-S
Mims’ pathogenesis of infectious disease / Anthony A. Nash, Robert G. Dalziel, J. Ross Fitzgerald 6th ed Academic Press, [2015] Medicine EJ43 2015-M
We’ll have Manhattan : the early work of Rodgers and Hart / Dominic Symonds
Oxford University Press, [2015]
Music HR665 SYM
Neuroscience : exploring the brain / Mark F. Bear, Barry W. Connors, Michael A. Paradiso 4th ed Wolters Kluwer, [2016] Physiology RH8 2016-B
‘Why is your axe bloody?’ : a reading of Njáls Saga / William Ian Mille Oxford University Press, 2014. Scand D695 MIL
Theories of the policy process / edited by Paul A. Sabatier, Christopher M. Weible 3rd ed. Westview Press, [2014] Soc Sci A520 SAB2
Routledge, 2015. Sov Stud OE385 2015-G
Battlestar Galactica and philosophy : knowledge here begins out there / edited by Jason T. Eberl Blackwell Publishing, 2008. Theatre T310.B354 EBE
Core principles in veterinary technology / Amy J. Wolff  Pearson Education, [2014]  Zoology A55 2014-W

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