The Papers of Louise Annand: A Centenary Celebration

Louise G Annand, 1943

Louise G Annand, 1943

May 27 2015 marks the centenary of the birth of Louise Gibson Annand (1915-2012) who was credited with being ‘outstandingly successful’ in her twin careers of artist and educator. The Scotsman noted in January 2012:

On the one hand was her academic bent; on the other, her artistic talent. Sometimes they intersected, sometimes ran in parallel. They resulted, incongruously, in her having one foot in the world of education and the other in bohemia, mingling with such luminaries as J D Fergusson and Margaret Morris.

While in their obituary of Annand the Herald stated:

Superbly practical yet also creative, with a sharp observational eye, she had the perfect attributes for both fields. They also made her an able administrator who, in addition to her own artistic endeavours, found time to contribute enormously to numerous organisations, not least the J D Fergusson Foundation and the Society of Scottish Women Artists.

The University of Glasgow Special collections are presently surveying Annand’s collection of Papers, which were gifted by her family shortly after her death. The archive comprises of correspondence, subject files, photographs and artwork.  In addition there is biographical material and records documenting her student life and academic career; her professional life as an artist, filmmaker and educator; friendships with artists and writers including Margaret Morris and Naomi Mitchison; and her involvement with organisations such as the New Scottish Group (for which she was a founder member), the J D Fergusson Art Foundation, the Saltire Society, and the Scottish Film Council, amongst others.

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Born in Uddingston, Scotland, Louise was the eldest child of Walter D Annand and Emma L Gibson. Entering the University of Glasgow to study English in 1933, she graduated MA (Hons) in 1937. Subsequently attending Jordanhill Training College, Annand became a teacher in various schools in Glasgow until joining the Schools Museums Service in 1949 as an assistant, and from 1970–80, as Museums Education Officer. Exhibiting her paintings from 1943, Annand also produced 16 mm films including, in 1965, the first on Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Within her Papers a curriculum vitae, which has been rendered by Louise in diagram form, carries the title ‘Double Life of L. Annand’, detailing the two careers that sat side by side for most of her working life. The diagram has a starting point of Hamilton Academy, where Annand excelled as an all-round student, winning medals in Art, English, and History. It then splits into two distinct spheres: Art and Education, which she depicts as coming together in her film and video work, various public lectures, and her work for the Royal Commission on Fine Art for Scotland.

Double Life of L Annand Diagram, June 1983

‘Double Life of L Annand. Diagram’, June 1983

The Papers of Louise Annand cover a date span from 1911-2005, giving an almost comprehensive account of her life and the multifaceted world that she inhabited. Please note that access to the collection is restricted during processing and therefore an appointment is required to view any items. Contact Special Collections at for further information.

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