Celebrating James Watt as part of the 2015 Science Festival

In 1765, Scottish inventor James Watt had a ‘eureka’ moment during a walk on Glasgow Green, leading to revolutionary advances in steam engine technology. A conference being held in three weeks time on Friday 5th June as part of the Glasgow Science Festival will consider whether Watt’s ‘big idea’ is still relevant and inspirational today?

The conference will bring together experts to celebrate the legacy of this famous engineer. It has been organised by the University of Glasgow and STICK (Scottish Transport and Industrial Collections Knowledge network).

Speakers include Prof. Colin McInnes (GU James Watt Chair, Engineering Science), Ben Russell (Science Museum, London), Fiona Tait (Archivist, Birmingham Library), Gill Poulter (Director, Heritage and Exhibitions, Dundee Heritage Trust), Ian Shearer (Trustee, The Friends of Kinneil) and Daniela Wellnitz (Scottish Maritime Museum/STICK Collections Officer).

Find out more details in the programme online. Book your ticket via eventbrite.

James Watt’s signature

If you’re interested in Watt’s links with the University and Watt related records we hold in the archive then read this blog post.

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