Library survey prize-winners!


Library Deputy Director, Susan Ashworth, presents prize to Ingrid Young

During February 2015, the University Library invited staff and students to respond to a survey about Online Library Services. The Library wanted to understand clearly how digital library resources and online services are being used, and also to discover more about the future expectations of staff and students. The survey was a collaboration of several UK institutions, sponsored by library systems supplier, Innovative Interfaces. It was managed by an independent research company, Sero Consulting.

The response from University of Glasgow staff and students was absolutely fantastic with over 2500 submissions. There were responses from across the Colleges, from students in different years, and from research & teaching staff. The responses from all of the participating institutions are currently being analysed, and we’ll have more information about the results in another blog post.

The response rate may have been influenced by the prizes on offer!
And University of Glasgow respondents swept the board. The winning response in the optional ‘2020’ competition from all of the participating UK libraries was MRC staff member, Ingrid Young. Her response ‘In 2020 my ideal online library would be my most important research partner; an intuitive and personalised system which learns from my activities and supports my research through resource suggestions and a comprehensive mobile management system’ earned her a Kindle Fire HD7.


University Librarian & Library Director, Helen Durndell, with prize winners Andra Coldea & Evita Christoforou

The runner-up in the 2020 competition was also from University of Glasgow. Undergraduate student, Andra Coldea, won an Amazon voucher for  ‘In 2020 my ideal online library would be a dynamic environment that connects with the information of interest, that offers the perfect place to get lost in the depth of your topic or study, and links the reader with researchers and authors.’

Finally, student Evita Christoforou was the lucky winner of a Kindle Fire HD6 in the prize draw for all University of Glasgow respondents. The prizes were provided by Innovative Interfaces and Sero Consulting.

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