New books in the Library, Week Beg. 2nd March 2015

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Weeks beg Mar 2nd 2015. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New_books_020315 [xls]

Livestock handling and transport / edited by Temple Grandin CABI, [2014] Agriculture Q15 2014-G
Demonology and witchcraft : an annotated bibliography : with related works on magic, medicine, superstition, &c. / Jean-Pierre Coumont Hes & de Graaf Publishers BV, [2004] Anthrop Bibliog qF680 2004-C
Mathematics for the life sciences / Erin N. Bodine, Suzanne Lenhart, Louis J. Gross Princeton University Press, [2014] Biology F20 2014-B
Building anti-fragile organisations : risk, opportunity and governance in a turbulent world / Tony Bendell Gower Publishing Limited, [2014] Economics C580.8 BENDE
Politics personified : portraiture, caricature and visual culture in Britain, c.1830-80 / Henry Miller Manchester University Press, 2015. Fine Arts A230.P6 MIL
Language, culture, and society : an introduction to linguistic anthropology / Zdeněk Salzmann, James Stanlaw, Nobuko Adachi Westview Press, [2015] Gen Lang A210 SAL4
The KAM story : a friendly introduction to the content, history, and significance of classical Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theory / H. Scott Dumas World Scientific, [2014] Gen Sci M8 2014-D2
A key for identification of rock-forming minerals in thin section / Andrew J. Barker CRC Press/Balkema, [2014] Geology KE25 2014-B
Mapping the landscape, remapping the text : Spanish poetry from Antonio Machado’s Campos de Castilla to the First Avant-Garde (1909-1925) / Renee M. Silverman

University of North Carolina Press, 2014. Hispanic B85 SIL
After orientalism : critical perspectives on Western agency and Eastern re-appropriations / edited by Franc̦ois Pouillon, Jean-Claude Vatin Brill, [2015] History VB160 POU
Governing the dead : sovereignty and the politics of dead bodies / edited by Finn Stepputat Manchester University Press, 2014 Law KC10 STE2
The logic of infinity / Barnaby Sheppard Cambridge University Press, 2014. Mathematics 0430 2014-S
DSM-5 in action / Sophia F. Dziegielewski John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2015] Medicine RJ46 2015-D
Rethinking difference in music scholarship / edited by Olivia Bloechl, Melanie Lowe, Jeffrey Kallberg Cambridge University Press, 2015. Music B10 BLO3
Human cognitive neuropsychology / Andrew W. Ellis and Andrew W. Young Psychology Press, 2014. Physiology RH40 2014-E
The senses of touch : haptics, affects and technologies / Mark Paterson Bloomsbury Academic, 2013. Psychology D300 PAT
Men who sell sex : gobal perspectives / edited by Peter Aggleton, Richard Parker ; foreword by Dennis Altman
Routledge, 2014.
Sociology F260 AGG
 Visual environmental communication / edited by Anders Hansen and David Machin Routledge, 2015. Theatre X500.E58 HAN2

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