Monthly Collections Blog Post: Rolling Out the Carpet for Stoddard Templeton Staff

In recent weeks, the staff of Archive Services went to see Slab Boys at the Citizen’s Theatre. Our A.F. Stoddard archive (reference STOD200) – the carpet manufacturers which inspired the play! – includes an extensive collection of staff photographs. Many of these are named and dated, with some even noting the department and occupation of the individual pictured, providing a unique level of detail about staff from all levels of the company. Recently I have been working on a project to make this information accessible to our readers by way of a searchable database.

STOD201-2-16-2-7-orchestra STOD201-2-16-2-8-eadie STOD-200-2-16-4-3-2-front

These photographs span the whole of the twentieth century, but are mostly concentrated around mid-century. They depict staff from James Templeton & Co., A.F. Stoddard & Co. and Mercia Weaver, as well as the occasional overseas representative for the companies. As well as documenting the everyday workings of the company and the carpet-making process, these photographs record staff day trips, corporate events and visits from the royal family and famous film stars of the day.

The collection is representative not just of company management, but of the staff body as a whole – from the chairman to the canteen staff. That is what makes this collection so useful. Certain staff STOD201-2-16-1-3 - p.49members even crop up numerous times over a long period, allowing us to see them through the entirety of their employment.

In order to make full use of this information I have compiled a database listing every photograph of a named member of staff or staff group. Further information, if given, is also included in the database; such as the date, the place of work and occupation of the individual, and any additional details which can be taken from the image. The end result of this project is a database which can be searched by name, place of work, or occupation to find photographs of Stoddard Templeton staff which can be viewed here at Archive Services. A static version of the database is available on our website here:

If you are interested in this collection, please do get in touch!

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