Library Shorts 12/03/15 – Research data management

Many research funders and publishers are committed to a long-term strategy for data resource provision and encourage researchers to share data.

Research data are viewed by many funding bodies as a public good which should be openly available to the academic community and often beyond.

Sharing research data:

•    encourages scientific enquiry and debate
•    promotes innovation and potential new data uses
•    leads to new collaborations between data users and data creators
•    maximises transparency and accountability
•    enables scrutiny of research findings
•    encourages the improvement and validation of research methods
•    reduces the cost of duplicating data collection
•    increases the impact and visibility of research
•    provides credit to the researcher as a research output in its own right
•    provides great resources for education and training

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) have prepared a set of common principles on data policy which provide an overarching framework for individual Research Councils.

Many research funders now require that data arising from their funding is made freely available. Come along to this week’s Library Shorts talk and find out more about funder requirements and Research Data Management at the University of Glasgow – Thursday 12th March at 12.15pm in the Talk Lab on level 3 of the library. No need to book – just come along.

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