New books in the Library Week Beg. Feb 23rd 2015

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Weeks beg Feb 23th For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New_books_230215 [xls]

A brief history of the Bodleian Library / Mary Clapinson Bodleian Library; 2015 Bibliog A39:14 2015-C
The reconnected leader : an executive’s guide to creating responsible, purposeful and valuable organizations / Norman Pickavance KoganPage, 2015 Economics C577 PIC
International trends in university governance : autonomy, self-government and the distribution of authority / edited by Michael Shattock Routledge, 2014 Education J41 2014-S
Frida Kahlo / a cura di Helga Prignitz-Poda Mondadori Electa, [2014] Fine Arts qCP4014 2014-P
The art of travel / Alain de Botton Hamish Hamilton, 2014 Geography G8 2014-D
Paris 1961 : Algerians, state terror, and memory / Jim House and Neil MacMaster Oxford University Press, 2009 History WD660 HOU
Mathematical underpinnings of analytics : theory and applications / Peter Grindrod Oxford University Press  [2015] Mathematics 2600 2015-G
Skills for communicating with patients / Jonathan Silverman, Suzanne Kurtz, and Juliet Draper; 3rd ed. Radcliffe Publishing, 2013 Medicine AM25 2013-S2
Rounding Wagner’s mountain : Richard Strauss and modern German opera / Bryan Gilliam

Cambridge University Press, 2014 Music HS860 GIL4
Dear Mendl, dear Reyzl : Yiddish letter manuals from Russia and America / Alice Nakhimovsky and Roberta Newman


Indiana University Press, 2014 Oriental FT400 NAK
Al-Ghazālī on intention, sincerity and truthfulness: book XXVII of The revival of the religious sciences; translated with introduction and notes by Anthony F. Shaker Islamic Texts Society , 2013. Philosophy QM800 GHA2
Social psychology / Michael A. Hogg  &Graham M. Vaughan ; 7th ed. Pearson Education Limited, 2014 Psychology qS40 HOG
Skiing into modernity : a cultural and environmental history / Andrew Denning University of California Press , 2015. Sociology Z400.S4 DENNI
Mr. Putin : operative in the Kremlin / Fiona Hill, Clifford G. Gaddy Brookings Institution Press , 2015. Sov Stud E999.P8 2015-H
The Grierson effect : tracing documentary’s international movement / edited by Zoe Druick and Deane Williams


Palgrave Macmillan, 2014 Theatre K500.D6 WIL
Marrying music and theology : Martin Luther’s views on worship / by Thomas B. Yee GRIN Verlag, 2015. Theology pJC185.W67 YEE
A cultural history of animals
Berg, 2011
Zoology Z60 2011-K

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