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“Report of the War Cabinet Committee on Women in Industry” is a 1919 Command Paper* from our Official Publications collection.

The Committee considered the issues surrounding newly employed women in World War One such as ‘equal pay for equal work’, women’s wages, and the protection of men’s jobs on their return from war.

The possible additional expenses of employing women were investigated, with issues such as:

  • “the provision of canteens, cloak rooms, lavatories, &c.” for women, in addition to those supplied for men.
  • the greater absences of women “owing to domestic causes [and] circumstances peculiar to their sex” that would require the employer to have a “larger number of women than men on his books in relation to a given output and this is in itself a disadvantage”
  • and finally, that “Women are also generally said to cost more in supervision.” (All from p.188)

The report is available from the library’s Official Publications collection (Reference Cmd 135). The Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on level 7 is staffed Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and staff there will be happy to help with retrieving the report.

*Command Papers are official documents and include reports of royal commissions, statements of government policy, discussion documents and treaties.

Cover of Committee Report

Cover of War Cabinet Committee Report


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