Library Shorts 12/02/15 – find out about the Library’s Map Collections

‘Words following words in long succession, however ably selected those words may be, can never convey so distinct an idea of the visible forms of the earth as the first glance at a good Map. Of all contrivances hitherto devised for the benefit of geography, this is the most effective. In the extent and variety of its resources, in rapidity of utterance, in the copiousness and completeness of information it communicates, in precision, conciseness, perspicuity, in the hold it has upon the memory, in vividness of imagery and power of expression, in convenience of reference, in portability, in the happy combination of so many and such useful qualities, a Map has no rival’.

So wrote G.B. Greenhough in 1840. Today, we have satellite imagery, Google maps and a range of hand held GPS devices to guide us through our world.

Blaeu - map of Glasgow

Times have changed but the need to know where we are and how to get to where we want to be is still the same.

This talk will attempt to introduce some of the valuable resources available in the University Library for those who need a good map.

Come along on Thursday 12th February at 12.15 to the Talk Lab on level 3 – no need to book. The talk will last around 3o minutes.

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  1. Library Shorts 12/02/15 – find out about the Library’s Map Collections | kdwilsonauthorblog

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