Conservation update -Preparing early printed books for Exhibition

We are now less than a month away before the grand opening of  Ingenious Impressions  on the 26th February 2015.

We are nearing completion of conservation treatment on over 64 of our early printed books for display.

Here is a snapshot of some of the work we have undertaken recently in the studio!

 Sp Coll BD12-a.8       Etymologicum Magnum Graecum [Greek].

This large dictionary of the Greek language is outstanding in its detail. On receipt to conservation, it was noted that the textblock had sustained some aqueous damage with staining of the display page.  It was not known as to when this might have occurred but it was likely to have been a long time ago as the storage areas of such highly valued books are of a clean and secure nature with controlled environment of heat, moisture and light.

The binding was in a fairly stable state however did require some consolidation at joints and corners, using a syringe filled with paste to re-adhere delaminating corners which were then protected by an additional layer of toned Japanese paper.

BD12-a.8 corner before treatment

BD12-a.8 corner before treatment

BD12-a.8 after board repair

BD12-a.8 after board repair











The textblock was initially subject to a thorough mechanical cleaning then the staining was reduced on the book suction device to draw through aqueous compounds to reduce the visual disturbance caused by the stain on the display page. You can see a before and after image below.

BD12-a.8 Before

BD12-a.8 Before

BD12-a.8 after stain reduction

BD12-a.8 after stain reduction

we hope you will notice the improvement when you visit the exhibition!

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  1. Interesting article! Do you need to un-bind the book prior to using the suction device? Looking forward to seeing the exhibition!

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