Librarytree – its more than just points and badges!

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Librarytree turns your library activity into a game! Users get points badges and awards for entering the library, borrowing and returning books and using e-resources. Additional rewards are given for making use of the social and sharing options such as leaving ratings, reviews and recommendation on items borrowed and sharing them with friends or classmates who are also registered on Librarytree.

You can also access Library on the go by using the iphone app 

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To play all you need is a student card. Register to play at:  

But Librarytree is much more than just a game – it offers a number of additional options that make your interaction with the Library more social. It saves information about the items you borrow on your personal bookshelf. You can add personal notes about each item and you can also rate, review and recommend them and share this information with friends/classmates. You can also capture and save details of the e-resources that you have been using – ejournal articles, ebooks and websites using the Librarytree this bookmarklet tool.

See below for more information about all of these options.

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Rating & reviewing the things you’ve read

When you borrow an item you will be prompted to rate, review and recommend that item. You can keep that information for your own use, or you can chose to share with friends & classmates who are also registered to use Librarytree. You also have the Add private note option to keep a record of why you read the book and any information that you may want to refer back to later.

Rate Review Bookshelf image

Making friends  & setting up groups

You can find friends and classmates on Librarytree and you can share information with each other about what you are reading & what your views are on those items.

find friends on librarytree image
If you’ve set up a small study group or you want to share information with a few classmates, you could encourage everyone to register on Librarytree and then send friend invites to each other so that you can share information.

You can choose what information you want to share and with whom from the Settings section on the toolbar  > Privacy

librarytree toolbar settings image

privacy settings on Librarytree image

 Librarytree this!

As well as automatically keeping a record of all of the books you borrow, Librarytree can also capture and save details of the e-resources you read: e-books. e-journal articles & websites! To access this service, you must use the Librarytree bookmarklet.

To access the bookmarklet tool, you must sign into Librarytree and click on the Settings section of the toolbar > Other

librarytree toolbar settings image


e-resource bookmarklet download image

Drag the Librarytree this button onto your browser’s bookmarks toolbar     librarytree this button

When you are reading or using an e-resource that you want to save details of, click the Librarytree this button on your bookmarks toolbar to send the document information to Librarytree. This then saves the details about the article or resource & provides you with a link back  just by clicking on the title.  If the e-resource contains a valid DOI you will get also get some Librarytree points!

e-resources on librarytree image

You must be logged in to Librarytree to use the bookmarklet

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