Artist in the Archive – finished drawings

Artist in the Archive1Artist in the ArchiveArtist in the Archive

Hi again. Here is a new update of the artwork I’ve been creating in response to the archive. I’ve decided that responding too much to the text and information contained in the items takes away from the overall beauty of the objects found. The allure of these particular objects is the organisation and colour combined with the element of history. Traditionally we focus on the facts, informational and evidential value and significance of the records found in the archive. Instead this series of drawings acknowledges that the wear/tear and variation of materials used throughout time are delicate and exquisite.

The act of archiving is beautiful and sometimes unrecognized. That is something I was very conscious of as I looked through the archive. I kept thinking, “someone had to hand tie this,” “someone thought about the materials they were using,” “Someone hand-wrote these notes in response to the archive catalogue.”

We are constantly taking for granted the people who keep our histories alive and that is what I responded to. That each item although created by someone else was then touched by another or many people in order to help others find these moments of time. There’s a artistry to archiving that we are forgetful of.  Hope you enjoy my aesthetic response.

~ Kelly Burns

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