Creating the Album: ‘144 Years at Gilmorehill’ – by Lauren Moffat

Aerial view of the Gilmorehill campus.

Aerial view of the Gilmorehill campus.

This summer I was lucky enough to be selected to spend time as part of a Club 21 internship working at Archive Services. It was my job to create a Flickr album that would serve as an introduction to their collection of photographs documenting the University at its home of 144 years, the Gilmorehill campus. This involved selecting images that I felt displayed not only the architectural diversity of the buildings at Gilmorehill but that documented the progression and expansion of the University through nearly a century and a half.

This set is only a short introduction to the photographic collection documenting the campus down the years and, given the wealth of photographic records held by Archive Services, for those interested in looking further into the history and the architecture of Gilmorehill I hope this set will encourage you to contact the Duty Archivist at to see what more you might find.

You can view the Flickr set ‘144 years at Gilmorehill’ here.

This Flickr set is an introduction to the Archive Services’ new project ‘The Gilmorehill Story’, currently under development. Stay tuned and watch the story unfold on our blog in the coming months.

(Posted on behalf of Lauren Moffat, Club21 volunteer.)

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  1. The Gilmorehill Story Project | University of Glasgow Library

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