New books in the Library. Weeks beg. 12th July – 25th July

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Weeks beg July 11th – 25th 2014. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New books 120714 [xls]

 alt= Biology of aging / Roger B. McDonald Garland Science, [204] Biology qJ95 2014-M
The self-portrait : a cultural history / James Hall Thames & Hudson, 2014. Fine Arts  C3300 HAL
Geology of the China Seas / Pinxian Wang, Qianyu Li & Chun-Feng Li Elsevier, [2014] Geology QM3 2014-W
Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography. Volume one, Not for turning / Charles Moore Allen Lane, 2013
History DN950.T4 MOO Vol 1
The joys of Haar measure / Joe Diestel, Angela Spalsbury American Mathematical Society, [2013] Mathematics q2875 2014-D
The cautious jealous virtue : Hume on justice / Annette C. Baier

Harvard University Press, 2010. Philosophy CC139 BAI3
Thrive in human physiology / Ian Kay & Gethin Evans.  Oxford University Press, [2014] Physiology A10 2014-K
Controlling contested places : late antique Antioch and the spatial politics of religious controversy / Christine Shepardson University of California Press, [2014] Theology JV97.A5 SHE
Birds and climate change : impacts and conservation responses / James W. Pearce-Higgins , Rhys E. Green Cambridge University Press, 2014. Zoology V16 2014-P

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