Graduation 2014/1914: Last of the graduations

Today is the last of the summer Graduations on the Gilmorehill campus, with the final summer 2014 ceremony for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies students at the Dumfries campus on 9th July. Congratulations to all of the University of Glasgow graduates this summer!

Today the Vets graduate so here is a photograph of the Glasgow Veterinary College from 1914!

The Glasgow Veterinary College 1913-1914

The Glasgow Veterinary College 1913-1914

Unfortunately we do not have information about the Veterinary graduates from 1914 as the College did not officially join with the University of Glasgow until 1945. We do, however, have an archive collection for the College and you can see the on-line catalogue here.

We would like to wish all of the 2014 graduates the best of luck and also remember the 1914 graduates who went on to face a different world than they had experienced before: a world at war.

You can find out about our past graduates on our University Story website and please contact us if you would like to add any information to their biographies.

If you would like to consult the Veterinary College collection or find out about any of our 1914 graduates then please e-mail the Duty Archivist at:

Enjoy the summer and come back next year when we will be uploading our 1915 graduates!

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