Below is a selection of books received by the Library for the period  May 19th 2014 – 13th June. For a complete listing of books received during this period see:New books 190514_130614  [xls]

Frontiers of surface-enhanced Raman scattering : single nanoparticles and single cells / edited by Yukihiro Ozaki, Katrin Kneipp, Ricardo Aroca John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2014. Chemistry S736 2014-O
Visions of science : books and readers at the dawn of the Victorian age / James Secord Oxford University Press, 2014. English E468.S2 SEC
The storied ice : exploration, discovery, and adventure in Antarctica’s Peninsula region / Joan N. Boothe Regent Press, c2011. Geography H35 2011-B
The passion according to G.H. / Clarice Lispector ; translated from the Portuguese, with a note, by Idra Novey  Penguin Books, 2014, c2012. Ibero Amer ZL586.P2E 2014-M
Linear algebra step by step / Kuldeep Singh Oxford University Press, 2014. Mathematics 1500 2014-S
Fat chance : the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease / Robert H. Lustig

Fourth Estate, 2014, c2013. Medicine CS8 2014-L
War’s ends : human rights, international order, and the ethics of peace / James G. Murphy Georgetown University Press, [2014] Mil Sci A120 MUR
The neural basis of free will : criterial causation / Peter Ulric Tse MIT Press, c2013. Physiology RH40 2013-T
Apes and human evolution / Russell H. Tuttle Harvard University Press, [2014] Zoology WY60 2014-T

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