Graduation 2014/1914: Marvellous MAs

MA students begin graduating today with the School of Critical Studies. Congratulations graduates!

To celebrate we are taking a look back at some MA graduates from 1914: Kate Thomson and the McLaren twins!

Kate Thomson and her siblings Jessie and John in their graduation robes

Kate Thomson and her siblings Jessie and John in their graduation robes (click to enlarge)

Kate Thomson graduated with an MA on the 22 June 1914. She was born in Perthshire in 1893 and during her time at the University studied subjects such as Maths and Latin. She excelled during her studies and won prizes in Logic and Metaphysics, and a First Class certificate in Geography. She was also the winner of the Cowie Prize and Joseph Black Medal in Geology for the session 1913-14. Her family have donated her medal to the Hunterian Museum where it has been accepted into the collection.

Kate Thomson's Joseph Black Medal for Geology

Kate Thomson’s Joseph Black Medal for Geology

Kate’s sister Jessie, and brother John also graduated from the University of Glasgow and we obtained a copy of a lovely portrait of them in their graduation robes: really keeping the University of Glasgow in the family! After graduation, Kate and her sister both became teachers.


James McLaren’s Matriculation slip

We also wanted to feature the story of James and Robert McLaren, twin brothers born on 12th December 1892 in Partick, who also graduated with MAs one hundred years ago. James and Robert McLaren came to the University in 1911 and they both studied subjects such as Mathematics, Logic and English. James graduated on 21st November with Second-Class Honours in English while Robert graduated on the same day with a First Class Honours in Classics: a big day for the McLaren family! The brothers both went on to become teachers after graduation and so continued to lead quite similar lives, in fact living together in Govan!

To see the profiles of more MA 1914 graduates, visit our University Story page. If you would like to contribute to any profiles, or would like to find out more, then please e-mail the Duty Archivist at:


Robert McLaren’s Matriculation slip

Happy graduation MAs and stay tuned for more #GUgrad1914 students over the season!

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