New books in the Library – week beg. May 12th 2014

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Week beg May 12th 2014. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New books 120514 [xls]

Dynamic systems biology modeling and simulation / Joseph DiStefano III Academic Press, 2013. Biology qF20 2013-D
Neuro-fuzzy equalizers for mobile cellular channels / K.C. Raveendranathan Taylor & Francis Group, [2014] Computing C20 2014-R
Empire of scholars : universities, networks and the British academic world, 1850-1939 / Tamson Pietsch Manchester University Press, 2013. Education B427 2013-P
Revolutionary beauty : the radical photomontages of John Heartfield/ Sabine T. Kriebel University of California Press, 2014. Fine Arts TC2860 KRI
Normative pluralism and international law : exploring global governance / edited by Jan Klabbers, Touko Piiparinen Cambridge University Press, 2013 Law L7 KLA
The anatomy of violence : the biological roots of crime / Adrian Raine

 Allen Lane, 2013 Medicine RN8 2013-R
Tell Tchaikovsky the news : rock ‘n’ roll, the labor question, and the musicians’ union, 1942-1968 / Michael James Roberts Duke University Press, [2014] Music A40 ROB
Presidential campaigning in the Internet age / Jennifer Stromer-Galley Oxford University Press, [2014] Politics GK95 STR
Hollywood in Canne$ : the history of love-hate relationship / Christian Jungen  Amsterdam University Press, 2014. Theatre K122 JUN

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