5 New E-book Collections


Thanks to our subscription to 5 brand new e-book collections we now have access to more than 30,000 20140324_143339additional e-books covering a wide range of subjects. They are  available for you to read online, print or copy with no restrictions. Read an e-book on the go by downloading it to your mobile device, or even read it outside on the rare occasion the sun is shining! All 5 collections are available to staff and students both on and off campus using your GUID.



Palgrave Connect

Palgrave Connect Website

Palgrave Connect

Palgrave Connect e-books are available in collections organized by year of publication and by discipline in twelve different subject areas across the humanities, the social sciences and business. Around 4,000 e-books, published between 2011-2014, are available to browse or download both by chapter or as a PDF or EPUB of the entire book. Content can be downloaded to mobile devices too for access on the go. You can now also send Palgrave Connect e-books directly to your Kindle. For more information about the Palgrave Connect e-book collection please see the user guide.



UniUPSO_logoversity Press Scholarship Online

Access high quality scholarly content from leading university presses through a single, online platform. The UPSO collection provides access to almost 15,000 e-books in 28 different subjects, covering the humanities, social sciences and life sciences. The titles come from 15 different university presses, including Oxford University Press, University of Chicago Press, University of California Press, Stanford University Press, Policy Press and Manchester University Press.

You can browse through the e-books by subject or search for a specific book or by keyword. When you find the e-book you want you can read it online, print a chapter or choose to download a chapter to your PC. Read e-books on your mobile device by visiting the mobile site. There are no limits on printing or copying from these e-books. The picture below shows an example of a new book from the University of California Press.


University Press Scholarship Online

You can also share titles, chapters, abstracts, and search results with colleagues using social bookmarking tools and citation export.

If you want to learn more about this collection, then you can watch a short instructional video.






Science Direct



Science Direct provides easy access to more than 2,800 e-books (published between 2010-2014) on a broad and diverse range of scientific disciplines, including physical sciences, life and health sciences and social sciences. Content is available in HTML and PDF formats to view and download with no restrictions. If you need access away from your desk, you can search and read content on your mobile device. Please see the get started page for a general user guide.



Sage Knowledge
Sage Knowledge gives you access to almost 2,500 e-books in the subjects of business, education, sociology, psychology and health. Browse through the titles related to your subject or search for keywords within books or chapters.
When you find an interesting e-book, either read it online or download chapters of the book to your PC or mobile device to read later! You can also print as many chapters from the book as you like. Below is an example of what a book will look like – see the download button on the right hand side.


Sage Knowledge

Read e-books from your mobile device by visiting the mobile site. If you want some more information about how to use this website, then take a look at one of the tutorial videos.
Please note that we do not have access to all titles on this platform and any titles that we do not have access to will have a grey padlock next to them.






Wiley Online Library

Wiley Online Library hosts a broad and multidisciplinary collection of e-books covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. Access more than 2,600 e-book titles (published between 2013-2014) via a simple interface with a comprehensive search engine. There are no restrictions on downloading or printing, so read your e-book online or download to read later on your PC or your mobile device. Individual titles will be available on Quicksearch shortly.

For more information on access and features of the Wiley Online Library please see Training and Tutorials.


Wiley Online Library

Please note we do not have access to titles included in the For Dummies Series, or Capstone, Jossey Bass, Polity and AGU imprints.




If you have any questions about these new e-book collections then please email eresources@lib.gla.ac.uk

By Dominique Walker and Harry Panagiotakopoulos

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