Students – save money and time photocopying from printers in the Library and McMillan Reading Room


Great news on the photocopying and scanning front! Students can now scan and photocopy using the printers (to give them their proper title Multi-Functional Devices or MFDs) on Levels 4-10 of the Library and in the McMillan Reading Room.

Simply swipe your card over the ‘Pull Print’ logo on the printers, then select either Print, Scan or Copy. A photocopy, or a print of a scan, will cost the same as normal printing (a saving on the old card copying system) and credit will be taken from your print credit balance:

Mono (black and white)

  • 5p for an A4 Pull Print logo
  • 7p for A4 double sided


  • 15p for an A4
  • 27p for A4 double sided

A card operated photocopier will remain available in Am Fosglan, on Level 2, for non-student members of the Library. Please note that you cannot photocopy or scan from printers on Levels 2 & 3.

For more information about printing, scanning and copying, go to the IT Services web pages on ‘Printing in the Library and Reading Room‘ – there’s a useful ‘How to Guide’ on the right hand side of the page:

We hope this makes life easier for you, and please contact IT Services helpdesk if you have any problems.

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