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Thanks to our latest electronic resource subscription to Web of Science (previously known as Web of Knowledge) we now have access to some additional collections. Web of Science has long been regarded to be of great value to Staff and Students in the field of Science but now we have access to the Book Citation Index we hope those working in the Social Sciences and Humanities will find it equally useful. Collections of note are as follows:

Book Citation Index – New
As part of the Web of Science Core Collection, Book Citation Index  allows users to search across books (including book chapters), journals and conference proceedings to find the information most relevant to their work within one platform. Subject areas include Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. Users can now analyse the citation network between books and the wider world of scholarly research. Coverage goes back to 2005.

Derwent Innovations Index – New
Derwent Innovations Index  combines the value-added patent information from Derwent Patents Index with the citation information from Patent Citation Index. It covers over 14 million inventions from 40 worldwide patent issuing authorities going back to 1963. By including clearer patent titles and clear concise explanations of each patent invention, Derwent Innovations Index allows users to search patent literature quickly and effectively. The additional descriptive information and coding allows users to grasp a patent’s significance and its relationship to other patents. Where available links are provided to full patent records.

Zoological Record – Additional Content
Zoological Record  is a comprehensive reference database covering all aspects of modern animal research including Behaviour, Conservation, Evolution, Habitat, Morphology, Nomenclature, Reproduction and Taxonomy. Coverage has been extended and now goes as far back as 1864, providing users with an additional 70 years.

You can access these resources from the databases link on the Library Home Page. They are available to all Staff and Students on and off campus using your GUID. A general user guide is available. Please note that currently some users are experiencing problems when using Internet Explorer so we advise using Firefox or Chrome as your browser when accessing all Web of Science resources.


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