Rectorial addresses digitised

Congratulations to the new Rector of the University Edward Snowden!

You may have noticed our historical countdown to the Rectorial elections of 2014 on twitter where we celebrated the profiles of the Rectors of the past.

We journeyed through history, starting with the first ever Rector, David Cadzow, who was elected in 1451 and ending with our most recent Rector, Charles Kennedy who was first elected in 2008. Along the way we featured some famous philosophers, such as Adam Smith, some Prime Ministers, such as Benjamin Disraeli and William Ewart Gladstone, and some prominent political figures, such as Jimmy Reid and Albert Luthuli.

The Archives have been digitizing the Rectorial addresses (acceptance speeches made by the newly appointed Rector) and many are now available on-line! Rectors who have digitised addresses available have an ‘Associated Documents’ tag on their profile where you can find a PDF of their speech. You can also find some addresses listed in the ‘Collection Guides’ section of our website. Image

We would like to thank Club21 volunteers: Richard Stratton, Keir Harper, and Alice Doyle for their hard work in scanning many of the addresses that are available. The project is still ongoing with the aim of digitizing as many addresses as possible, so watch this space for more!

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