Opportunity for 1st year students to earn a £15 amazon gift card!

OCLC Research, The University of Oxford and University of North Carolina are working together on a study about how people use computers, phones and mobile devices, their networks of friends and family, and the internet,  to get information. They’re interested in how people judge the quality of information they find, and the work will increase understanding of how learners engage with the web and how educational systems and services can encourage and sustain life long learning, and they’ve asked us, to ask you, to help them!  

Before the survey, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire, which should take about ten minutes.  If you fit the study profile, and are selected for the study, then you’ll be asked for your consent and your email address.  The survey will be conducted online, will take around 45 minutes, and your identity will be kept anonymous.   When you complete your part in the survey you’ll get a gift card for amazon.co.uk, to the value of £15. Please note that you’ll only receive this payment if you’re chosen and participate in the survey, not for completing the short questionnaire. 

Click here to take the questionnaire, and find out if you’re eligible to take part in the survey!  

If you’d like to know more about the study Digital Visitors and Residents: What motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment then have a look at the following websites:



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