New Books in the Library – 16th December -31st December 2013

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Weeks beg December 2nd – 13th. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New books 021213-131213 [xls]

Visions of empire : voyages, botany, and representations of nature / edited by David Philip Miller and Peter Hanns Reill Cambridge University Press, 1996. Biology A11 1996-M
The Apple revolution : the real story of how Steve Jobs and the crazy ones took over the world / Luke Dormehl Virgin, 2013 Computing K20 2013-D
Problem solving for engineers / David G. Carmichael CRC Press, 2013 Engineering A300 2013-C
Montaigne’s English journey : reading the Essays in Shakespeare’s day / William M. Hamlin Oxford University Press, 2013 French HM104 HAM
High places : cultural geographies of mountains, ice and science / edited by Denis Cosgrove and Veronica della Dora Tauris, 2009. Geography H40 2009-C

Introduction to biomaterials : basic theory with engineering applications / C.M. Agrawal … [et al.]

Cambridge University Press, 2014. Medicine A23 2014-A
The art of war / by Antoine Henri de Jomini (Baron de Jomini) Arc Manor, 2007 Mil Sci EC320 DELAN
East Asian pop culture : analysing the Korean wave / edited by Chua Beng Huat and Koichi Iwabuchi Hong Kong University Press, 2008. Theatre T65.K6 CHU
Men, masculinities and religious change in twentieth century Britain/ edited by Lucy Delap and Sue Morgan Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. Theology AJ490.G7 DELAP

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