Fake ‘Expired Account’ email sent to some of our users – Please read.

A number of Library users have been sent a fake email from a ‘phishing account’ claiming that their Library account has expired, and asking them to click on a link and enter their details to reactivate their account.  The email looks quite authentic and uses a realistic version of the University Librarian’s email signature. The IT Services security team reacted quickly to this, and have blocked the phishing account on campus so that if anyone clicks on the link then they will now see a ‘404’ error page and be unable to enter details.  This block will not work off campus so please do not click on the link.

Please note that we never ask our members to provide their details in this way. If you have clicked on this link and entered your details, then please change your GUID password as soon as possible by following this link to IT Services password self service:  http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/it/guid/password/.

Once you have changed your password, never reset it back to your previous password at any point in the future.

We would also encourage you to read the following advise from IT Services, on avoiding phishing scams:

  • Treat all unsolicited mail with suspicion, regardless of who the sender appears to be.
  • Avoid clicking on links, or opening attachments in unsolicited mail.
  • Never send passwords by mail.

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