New books in the Library 2nd – 13th Dec 2013

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Weeks beg December 2nd – 13th. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New books 021213-131213 [xls]

Visible empire : botanical expeditions & visual culture in the Hispanic Enlightenment / Daniela Bleichmar University of Chicago Press, 2012 Botany CF1 2012-B
Piecing together the fragments : translating classical verse, creating contemporary poetry / Josephine Balmer Oxford University Press, 2013. Classics E317 BAL
Advanced soil mechanics / Braja Das CRC Press, c2014 Engineering PC100 2014-D
Proust writing photography : fixing the fugitive in À la recherche du temps perdu / Áine Larkin Legenda, 2011. French MP703 LARKI
Measuring the new world : enlightenment science and South America/ Neil Safier University of Chicago Press, c2008 (2012 printing) Gen Sci K94.U8 2012-S
The harm in hate speech / Jeremy Waldron

Harvard University Press, 2012. Law KG9:A55 WAL
The democracy project : a history, a crisis, a movement / David Graeber Allen Lane, 2013. Politics C4600 GRA
Social and cultural change in Central Asia : the Soviet legacy / edited by Sevket Akyildiz and Richard Carlson Routledge, 2014. Sov Stud D600 2014-A
After evangelicalism : the sixties and the United Church of Canada / Kevin N. Flatt McGill-Queen’s University Press, c2013. Theology XU462 FLA

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