News: Interesting digitisation project from King’s College London

Special Collections recently heard about an interesting digitisation project from King’s College London Archives and Special Collections, who have digitised the first book known to have been printed in the ancient Ethiopian language of Ge’ez:  the 1513 Psalterium David et Cantica aliqua. In lingua Chaldea. Edidit Joannes Potken.

This is particularly interesting as we have a copy of this item in the Hunter Collection, at Sp Coll Hunterian Db.2.24.

Frontispiece from Sp Coll Hunterian Db.2.24

Frontispiece from Sp Coll Hunterian Db.2.24

Currently, the digitised copy of the King’s College copy of this Psalter is available as an online exhibition. In due course, the project aims to make available more detailed images, including recreating whole sheets as originally printed (front-lit and back-lit),  as well as files which use infra-red imaging to view print obscured by spilled ink.


Image of infra red photography

Thanks to Ian at Early Book  for the information and image of the infra-red photography.

Digitised works from our collections are available on the Special Collections website, especially on the Digitised books, manuscripts and photographs and Course resources: teaching and learning material pages.

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