Glasgow For Business Week: The Scottish Milk Marketing Board

In my new role as Business Cataloguer at the University Archives I am working with the marketing and promotional records of the Scottish Milk Marketing Board (SMMB).

Teddy Bear advertising campaign with the slogan: 'You haven't any bones, Teddy, so you don't need any milk.'

Teddy Bear advertising campaign with the slogan: ‘You haven’t any bones, Teddy, so you don’t need any milk.’

The Scottish Milk Marketing Board, one of five milk marketing boards operational in the UK, was responsible for the marketing of milk from its establishment in 1933 until the dissolution of the milk marketing boards in 1994. Further information about the collection can be found here. I am currently enhancing the collection description (available in the searchroom) by cataloguing the marketing records relating to various advertising campaigns they launched in the 1980s and 1990s. One of the SMMB’s responsibilities was to advertise milk and promote its consumption by the public and they launched several campaigns directed at different audiences. One campaign, aimed at young mothers, features a little girl and her teddy bears while ‘Fred the Cat’, who is quite the party animal, is the star of an animated campaign aimed at young teens.

Fred the Cat advertising a promotional competition.

‘Fred the Cat’ advertising a promotional competition.

The Scottish Business Archive, held at the University of Glasgow Archive Services, includes collections covering all aspects of Scottish business and industrial activity and brings together over 400 business-related collections.

The records of the Scottish Milk Marketing Board are a good addition to the Scottish Business Archive and give a great insight into the promotion of Scottish milk while the colourful and nostalgic advertising campaigns are fascinating evidence of their marketing methods. If you would like to consult the collection you can find information about visiting the searchroom here.

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  1. Hi rachel
    I’m looking for a commercial made for cinema for the Scottish Milk Marketing Board around 1973 or 1974. Shot in Kirkintilloch. The Director was Gary Fotheringham. Do you have any idea how I might find it?


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