New books in the Library Week beg 7th Oct 2013

Below is a selection of books recently received by the Library. This selection is part of a larger collection of recently received books currently on display on Level 3 of the Main Library. Books are available on this display for one week before being returned to the shelves. Click her for a Complete listing of new books week beg 7th October 2013 [xls]

Governing water : contentious transnational politics and global institution building / Ken Conca London : MIT Press 2005 Economics B790.E5 CON2
Earthquake engineering for structural design / Victor Gioncu and Federico M. Mazzolani Spon Press, 2011. Engineering PA440 2011-G
Mathematical methods for analysis of a complex disease / Frank C. Hoppensteadt New York : Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Biology F20 2011-H
The myth of Mars and Venus : [do men and women really speak different languages?] / Deborah Cameron Oxford University Press, 2007 Gen Lang C231.S3 CAM4
Nature’s wealth : the economics of ecosystem services and poverty / edited by Pieter J.H. van Beukering … [et al.] Cambridge University Press, 2013. Geography GD20 2013-B
Vortex of conflict : U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq / Dan Caldwell Stanford Security Studies, c2011. History TM210 CAL
Geometry of Möbius transformations : elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic actions of SL₂(R) / Vladimir V. Kisil Imperial College Press, c2012 Mathematics 1400 2012-K
The soul of creativity : insights into the creative process / compiled and edited by Tona Pearce Myers New World Library, 1999 Psychology F400 MYE
Harvesting the sea : the exploitation of marine resources in the Roman Mediterranean / Annalisa Marzano Oxford University Press, 2013 Zoology TZ220 2013-M

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