On the web: William Hunter as recipe collector

Cake recipes from Cursus Chemicus [MS Hunter 43 (T.2.1), folio 52r]

Cake recipes from Cursus Chemicus [MS Hunter 43 (T.2.1), folio 52r]

University of Glasgow alumna and current Munby Scholar in Bibliography at the University of Cambridge Dr Anke Timmermann has written a post on the Historical Recipes blog about William Hunter as a recipe collector and mentions a number of manuscripts held in the Hunterian Collection.

This is not the first time our collections have been showcased on the blog: earlier in the year, Anke wrote a piece on images in Alchemical Manuscripts, which featured manuscripts from our Ferguson collection. The Historical Recipes blog itself features a wide range of posts on the history of recipes from an international group of scholars. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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