A Tale of Twin Cities


by Dr Peter Davies

A new poster exhibition celebrating Marseilles’ status as European City of Culture 2013 is now on display in Am Fosglan (level 2).

Glasgow and Marseilles were twinned in 2006. This exhibition complements the latest cultural exchange between the two cities: a one-day international bilingual symposium to be held at the Alliance Française de Glasgow on Friday 11 October. ‘Marseilles: Its History and Cultural Heritage / Marseille: son histoire et son patrimoine culturel’ has been co-organised by members of the University of Glasgow’s School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC). No less than 15 contributors will cover a variety of topics including ‘Women and the city’, ‘Victor Gelu and the “Otherness” of Occitan and French in 19th-century Marseille’ and ‘Pagnol’s films within the context of Marseilles in the 1930s’. The day will be punctuated by open discussions with key speakers, allowing anyone who wishes to learn more about Marseilles to ask questions and to explore topics more fully. Admission to the symposium is free, but booking is necessary, either via the Alliance Française or Dr Olivier Salazar-Ferrer at the SMLC.

Map of Marseilles, 1575 The exhibition, sponsored by the Friends of Glasgow University Library, explores numerous aspects of historical and contemporary Marseilles and includes several items from the University’s heritage collections, among them a 1575 map of Marseilles, by etcher Frans Hogenberg (1535–90), (in Civitates orbis terrarvm Coloniae: 1575, pp. 33–4. University of Glasgow Library Special Collections: BC24-x.17), and the congratulatory address sent to the University of Glasgow by the University of Aix-Marseilles on the occasion of its Ninth Jubilee – 450th anniversary – in 1901 (University of Glasgow Archive Services: DC184/25).

Members of the public are welcome to visit the exhibition between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.

(View of Marseilles from the sea with Chateau d’If island and Notre Dame de la Garde on the hill. Boris Stroujko at Shutterstock)

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4 replies

  1. My pleasure! To be more accurate, the folder in the archives that i was presenting in that link (of my main blog) contains documents of management of electric tramways in Paris and Marseille as model for the extension of the lines in Bucharest. On the map of Marseille are indicated the old and the new lines at the time and aside there is a brochure. It reads: “Compagnie generale Francaise de tramways/ Reseau de Marseille/Fusion des concessions/ Cahier des charges/et/Convention avec la Ville de Marseille/ Paris/Imprimerie Hemmerle et Cie/Rue Demettre, 2, 4 et 4 bis./1897
    It ilustrates a report of the secretariat of the city management to the Mayor from 20 April 1900.

    Maybe it would me more interesting for your Library this:

  2. Catherine, thanks for the reblogging the post and, Pozedecat, for the link to the Marseille 1900 material. Merci and mulţumesc!

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