New Books in the Library – week beg. 23rd September 2013

Below is a selection of books recently received by the Library. This selection is part of a larger collection of recently received books currently on display on Level 3 of the Main Library. Books are available on this display for one week before being returned to the shelves. Click her for a full listing of items received by the Library in the week beg 23rd Sept. 2103 [xls]

All creatures : naturalists, collectors, and biodiversity, 1850-1950 / Robert E. Kohler Princeton University Press, c2006 Biology A15 2006-K
The plans that failed : an economic history of the GDR / André Steiner Berghahn Books, 2010. Economics B2895 STE
Little America : the war within the war for Afghanistan / Rajiv Chandrasekaran Bloomsbury, 2012. History VM417 CHA
Unequal health : the scandal of our times / Danny Dorling Policy Press, 2013. Medicine FC8 2013-D
Mathematical methods in immunology / Jerome K. Percus American Mathematical Society, 2012 Microbiol M8 2012-P
Bubbles : microspherology / Peter Sloterdijk Semiotext(e), 2011. Philosophy NF50 SLO2
Personal identity : complex or simple? / edited by Georg Gasser and Matthias Stefan Cambridge University Press, 2012. Psychology P140 GAS
The awakened ones : phenomenology of visionary experience / Gananath Obeyesekere Columbia University Press, c2012. Theology AH510 OBE
Feasting, fowling and feathers : a history of the exploitation of wild birds / Michael Shrubb Poyser (1 Aug 2013) Zoology VC1 2013-S

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