Societies, deposit your records!

The archive is looking for more societies to deposit records to preserve the university’s history. Currently there are records from a wide range of student societies, some dating back to the eighteenth century. Even if you already have some records deposited with us you can still get in touch so we can update your records with anything more recent and you’d be more than welcome to visit to see your society’s old records.

Claims for Total Abstinence - from the Temperance Society

Claims for Total Abstinence – from the Temperance Society




It is important that we collect more records so that we continue to record this important part of the history of the university. Student societies are a unique part of student life and for some students they are central to their university experience. Some societies can even give us a record of a particular period in history, for example our records from the Temperance Society give us an insight into movements which supported banning alcohol entirely at the end of the nineteenth century.





We are looking for any kind of material that makes up your society. It could be minutes, membership cards or even posters from events you’ve run. As well as preserving your history for future generations to look at, it also means that we can take some records off your hands! The process is very simple:

1.         Put it in your constitution that the Secretary will send copies of your minutes to the University Archives as a matter of routine.

2.         Add the University Archive to your mailing list.

3.         Appoint an Honorary Club Archivist to work with us to document your events and activities.

4.         Collect together and bring us your archives. We would be interested in minutes, correspondence, publications, posters, photographs, flyers, membership cards and anything else you produce.

5.         Find out who has your society’s old minute books and let us keep them safe for you.


The Boat Club - 1922

The Boat Club – 1922


If you’re interested then please email us (, tweet @GUArchives, or comment on this blog.

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